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FAQ – Questions and Answers from the ophthalmologist

  • Questions and Answers by Dr. Maddalena FortiWhen is it necessary to visit the ophthalmologist?
  • All children should be examined by the ophthalmologist at the age of 1, 3 and 6 years (see ophthalmology and children).

Adults are usually recommended annual checkups; however, in the absence of problems of any kind, checks can also take place every 2-3 years.

What are the silmo 2019 problems that make an eye examination necessary?

A sudden or progressive decline in visual function or blurring of images;the vision of fixedor moving spots or the distorted vision of images;vision of curtains that limit and reduce the field of vision;the appearance of visible silmo 2019 neoformations of the eyelids or conjunctiva;the vision of even short-term flashes of light, even if in the dark;

  • the presence or appearance of squint and / or double vision;
  • pain, burning or swelling in the eye or eyelids;
  • headache;
  • excessive tearing or, on the contrary, the sensation of dry eye and a foreign body;
    hypertension and silmo 2019 diabetes.

Why should I have an eye exam at an ophthalmologist and spend 100/150 euros when in almost all shopping centers there are optical shops that do the visit for free? What are the differences?

The optician is not a doctor; he can measure vision and in some cases, when he is scrupulous and experienced, he can hypothesize the presence of problems that prevent optimal vision with the best correction, but he is unable to formulate any diagnosis of certainty and, precisely because he is not a doctor, can not administer any drug even in the form of eye drops, including that to dilate the silmo 2019 pupil, which is essential for the correct and complete examination of the retina.

The optician’s competence is exhausted in the assessment of visual capacity and in determining the best correction with which to achieve the best visual quality; however, in the face of any impediment in this sense, the ophthalmologist intervenes.

Furthermore, even in the case of optimal vision, there may be refractive defects (such as hyperopia especially in children) which are compensated by the patient who is thus able to achieve the best vision, at the cost of an accommodative effort that can cause fatigue and headache.

  • Therefore, it is highly recommended that an ophthalmologist and periodic visits to ascertain the good health of the eye, appendages and the visual system as a whole, which can be interspersed with simple vision checks that are also possible in optical shops, are highly recommended.
  • Sometimes, when I spend a few hours in front of the PC, my vision becomes blurred for a few seconds.

Is this normal or bangkok photos should I be seen by an ophthalmologist?

Prolonged use of the computer can undoubtedly lead to visual fatigue and the appearance of disorders such bangkok photos as tearing, burning and sensation of a foreign body;

is-this-normal-or-should-i-be-seen-by-an-ophthalmologistThis occurs mainly because the attention threshold in front of a monitor has increased and this reduces the blinking frequency, that is, it reduces the number of times we involuntarily open and close the eyelids;

  • this causes the tear film to be distributed less and less uniformly on the ocular surface;
  • the cornea is thus uncovered and bangkok photos dry and, being very innervated, it sends signals to the brain which are translated in the form of burning, tearing, blurring, sensation of a foreign body.

The visit to the ophthalmologist is undoubtedly useful first of all to check whether the correction of the glasses in use is adequate or whether correction is necessary if not used, and can also check the state of health of the ocular bangkok photos surface.


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