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If you are one of those people who suddenly realized that you can no longer read or cannot see road signs properly while driving, then this article is for you!

How to know if silmo 2018 you need glasses?

In Italy, many young people discover that they need glasses while following a lesson at school. Others, on the other hand, about 67%, after the age of 45, suffer from eyestrain or presbyopia, a visual defect associated with age consisting in the loss of elasticity of the lens, a membrane that allows focusing silmo 2018 at different distances.

The decision to wear glasses or not may be closer than you think and it is convenient to be well informed on this topic. If you want to identify as soon as possible if you need glasses, you can do a vision check at the optician and understand what type of glasses you need.

In this article, we’ve summarized some of the typical signs that can help you figure out if you need a good new pair of glasses. These are the 6 main signs to help you understand if you need glasses:

See the silmo 2018 blurry foreground The first sign that you need glasses is blurred near vision. For example, the most common difficulty reading because letters appear blurry or difficulty typing a number or message on the mobile phone.

You reach out your arm to read Typical for those suffering from presbyopia. As near vision is impaired, you begin to stretch your arm more and more to separate yourself from what you are reading. This is why presbyopia silmo 2018 is also known as long arm syndrome.

You need more light than before to see well

While previously the available light in the room was generally sufficient, you now feel that you should better illuminate the work area or reading area. Or when driving, especially at night, you find it more difficult to focus objects from a distance, such as street lights, signs or other cars. Another sign to take into consideration!

you-need-more-light-than-before-to-see-wellYou are having more and more frequent headaches Eye strain caused by the inability to focus well generally causes headaches. It happens that many do not attribute this symptom to visual problems and therefore neglect it. be careful! headache-in-front-of-computer-symptom-how-to-understand-if-you-need-glasses

Squint your eyes often to see better When we narrow our eyes, even when we don’t suffer from any visual disease, we see better. This is because the cheek and brow muscles block some of the light entering the eye allowing for clearer vision. Since you can no longer focus well, resort to these temporary solutions, but it could be a very clear sign that you need glasses.


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