Agate Optical

Agate Optical is Hummer and Yoo series distributor in Thailand. The average light weight of the products is only 8 – 12 grams which equal to about 2 sheets of A4 paper.

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Diamond shape with see through material, specialized structure to rise up the lens automatically.

The inner wall pushes the stage down and stabilize the contact lens. Simply just open and your lens will pop out for you.


Centrostyle is a well-known global Italian company whose activity is focused on the study, research, development and production of innovative items based on quality, functionality, fashion.

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CMA Global

We, CMA Global, are the largest manufacturer of premium grade Microfiber cleaning cloth products in South Korea. All production processes, ranging from knitting to printing and packaging, are done in house without outsourcing, thereby guaranteeing superior quality and fast delivery. In addition, we are able to offer more competitive prices.

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Established in February 19, 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand by two visionary men who want to introduce a new era for an eyewear in Thailand.

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SHIJIAN’s major products are all kinds of soft contact lenses, eye care solution.
We make spheric, toric, crazy and disposable contact lenses and solution, collyrium, eye drops, eye mask and so on.

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D- Plus

D- Plus is here to Support and help to choose the best glasses for you. Providing the newest and most updated trends, technology and innovations so everyone can experience and experiment with.

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As Australia’s only manufacturer of disposable contact lenses, Gelflex has been manufacturing lenses for over 45 years. They pride themselves with their high-quality standards, but best of all working with Gelflex is easy

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Created by Passion, with the aim of bringing the defined quality products and unique eyewear experience around the world to Thai Market, initially we have launched Stealer and Muzik Eyewear, and in years later, H Fusion, Caesar Flip, TVR, ROAV, Diffuser Tokyo and Sons & Daughters.

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Eyeglasses and sunglasses, the soul is from the USA, which is high quality, low price and fashion designed.


A brand that draws its inspiration and cutting edge innovation from the past. Lunor eyewear was founded by Gernot Lindner, who was a passionate collector of eyewear before he turned his hand to designing. A dedicated admirer of antiques, Lindner’s passion for glasses began through visiting flea markets where he repeatedly encountered extraordinary pieces and decided to collect them. He soon amassed an extensive range of glasses dated between1650 and 1950. Besides spectacle frames Lindner also collected cases, pince nez, magnifiers, telescopes, microscopes.


The brand NARA E was originally inspired from a young lady Nara Evelyn. Nara is full of energy and passion. She has her own lifestyle of living and is fascinated over the combination of traditional verse and contemporary designs, along with sophisticated details around her.

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KIO YAMATO is created by the Japanese designer and top level of the Japanese craftsmen.

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NOBìKA eyewear speaks for itself. Of its history. Its innovation. Its style.
Formed from Italian creativity, design and research and handmade by selected Japanese Master Craftsmen. Inspired by an intimate passion for excellence, these craftsmen render it a work of art.

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The lens cloth and pouch made by OETE are 100% microfiber material with high quality & reasonable price. They are very soft and clean clearly with no chips.

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Tonysame is a design house with manufacturing plan in Japan, They design, produce and launch their brands, Tonysame, ZupaZtar and DonniEYE collection frequently.

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With the same picture, different stories can be told. UNSUIKYO discover the world in different angle, look for inspiration from details, collect unique materials around the world, classic art design with high-end craftmanship. Let your eyes and senses open to the natural sceneries, capture your favorable moments with your own eyes.

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YC Optical

Every month updated 50 new stylish design models, with high-end quality, competitive price, all are ready in stock. It contains: acetate frames, metal frames, titanium frames, combinations frames and sunglasses. OEM and ODM are all available.

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Original design, High-end quality and multiple styles of eyewear, main material is 18K-Gold and titanium frame.