About 200 years ago, a healthy lifestyle was the norm for most people, 100 years ago it was a fashion, and now it is a necessity. The reason for these changes? Diversity – environmental, social, occupational, community and even climate and political. Let’s take a closer look, because only 20% of genetic factors affect our health. The rest are environmental factors.

Let’s start by defining what a healthy lifestyle is. And why doesn’t our genetic predisposition determine whether we are healthy or sick? A healthy lifestyle is nothing more than just that. First of all, we can stay healthy and in good shape for as long as possible. Secondly: we will avoid diseases. or reduce the incidence of various diseases (As much as possible) It is not just a disease called the disease of civilization. But also diseases that can develop based on genetic predisposition.

However, with genetic predisposition It is so that by nature each of us in each cell of the body receives individual DNA for each person.This DNA is like a keyboard. and personally above all these factors (or not) affect health So our health depends on the keystrokes of the genetic keyboard.

Why is a healthy lifestyle essential?

It is said (rightly) that he who has health and can do everything, so he cares about health. (In other words, a healthy lifestyle) should be one of our priorities in life. But how do you take care of your health? It’s a legitimate question, as the press has been batting around multi-point deductions. What should it be about?

Why is a healthy lifestyle essential

The formula is simple and boils down to the following three points:

  • Take care of yourself inside and out, such as getting enough sleep. move a lot Eat as little processed food as possible. And should be chosen from sources whose growing policies do not support the use of chemicals. And use dietary supplements – because (according to their name and In the definition of dietary supplement in our country’s current Food Safety Law) there are the usual supplements to dietary supplements.
  • Maintain good relationships with others, but don’t humiliate yourself – research confirms that the better relationships – especially with loved ones and in childhood – or the more we cut ourselves off from those who hurt us, the more effective we are. have better health. And have the chance to live a long and healthy life
  • To have dreams and fulfill them – because dreams give meaning to our lives and help set goals.
  • Goals will not be achieved if you do not take care of yourself. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle is also essential. We provide a variety of methods We have a wide range of products for this complex task: our offer includes dietary supplements. Thus, the menu can be supplemented with other ingredients. Supplement deficiencies of vitamins and minerals strengthen immunity Eliminate toxins or neutralize free radicals or help you survive difficult times We also have excellent cosmetics based on our natural collagen. which you can take care of from the outside, such as a multitasking set of creams

The fashion for taking care of form began recently with the growing popularity of exercise and recreational activities.However, it was quickly noticed that regular exercise won half the battle. Truly satisfying results in shaping the figure or burning unnecessary calories can be achieved if we combine physical activity with a healthy diet.